Hogg Noir

A Modern day George Jung with the quirky slant of Gabriel Batistuta in a Newcastle United Shirt listening to High NRG discobeats during a brief stint revising mortgages...

...Never trust a man in trainers out of the gym...


Bryn Adler| 18| FC:Charlotte Free| OPEN

With pastle pink hair and a rocker flair, many questioned how did Bryn Adler get into Stella Cunningham’s clique. But was the pink hair girls fuck-you attitude that got her into the good graces of Stella. Bryn is known for being a lover of all things vintage rock and roll. She use to arrive at Nightgale in a short plaid shirt, a rocker tee, and fishnet stockings. She was also known for being quiet the party girl, throwing importu gigs in her Lower East Side apartment. Now you might ask, how did a girl like Bryn afford to attend Nightgale? It’s because her father is the lead singer of one of the biggest bands in the world. While he traveled the world, he paid for her to live on her own. Bryn was always mature for her age anyways.

But just like the other Nightgale girls, Bryn also carried a deep secret. Last year she was living the life, rocking out shows in bars all over the Lower East Side but that also introduced her to the drug scene. She began getting addicted to Speed to balance out her prep school student by day- rock and roll vixen by night life. Bryn needed to get into NYU’s prestige Tisch school of the arts. It was her dream. One night after a concert, she was arrested alongside her friends and a couple of losers from school. She had speed in her possession; so with Frances help, they pin it on one of her classmates.  But she began going through horrible withdrawl, growing paranoid someone would find out what she did. So to numb the voice in her head, she would sleep around. That’s how she ended up pregnant with P.J’s Valenti’s baby after a one night stand. She didn’t want to abort it though so she took a semester away in Paris, where she gave birth to her child and gave it up for adoption. Now she’s heard all her friends are going to Penningtons to join Emily Hastings and Yvonne St. Laurent, so she called her fathers and let her know she wanted to make Penningtons her bitch.

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